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Few events are more photographed than weddings. Needless to say, wedding participants, from brides and grooms to the couples' parents, hope to look their best for the celebrations. Women often find that well applied cosmetics can enhance their beauty and help ensure they are picture-perfect.

Women frequently notice changes in their bodies after pregnancy. Although many things can be modified through diet and exercise, some new moms may benefit from a little extra help. In fact, an entire niche in health and wellness, The Mommy Makeover, helps women adjust to life post-pregnancy.

Adults are not the only ones enamored with spa experiences. An entire toy category has emerged to pamper children.

Cold, blustery weather is waiting to rear its ugly head whether the public likes it or not. Winter weather may require revamping your normal health and beauty routine, as your skin and hair may need a bit more attention this time of year.

According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer accounts for the largest number of cancer diagnoses in the United States. Each year, nearly five million Americans are treated for skin cancer, with most cases being nonmelanoma skin cancer, typically diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma.

Uneven skin tone is a common, relatively harmless condition that affects millions of people. Hyperpigmentation (darkened areas) and hypopigmentation (lightened areas) are examples of uneven skin tone conditions that people often hope to alleviate.

Racoon eyes may be a side effect of forgetting to remove mascara and other eye makeup before retiring for bed. In such instances, dark eye circles are easily remedied with cleaning pads. For those whose dark circles can't be swept away with soap and water, dark, puffy eyes can be a cause for embarrassment or concern.

"Sensitive skin" can describe a host of symptoms that affect the skin on peoples' faces and bodies. Some may develop sensitive skin after using skin care products that contribute to irritation or make their skin feel uncomfortable, even if there is no outward appearance of change.

Thanksgiving is a holiday to give thanks and share special moments with family and friends. While the original Thanksgiving might have taken place during a time when food was sparse, nowadays Thanksgiving often involves excessive amounts of food, with more food ending up in the garbage than in celebrants' bellies.

Thanksgiving is celebrated each November in the United States and each October in Canada. People traditionally gather around the dinner table flanked by friends and extended members of their families to give thanks for the blessings they enjoyed throughout the year as they dig into a delicious feast.

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